opentelemetry.instrumentation.instrumentor package

OpenTelemetry Base Instrumentor

class opentelemetry.instrumentation.instrumentor.BaseInstrumentor(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: ABC

An ABC for instrumentors

Child classes of this ABC should instrument specific third party libraries or frameworks either by using the opentelemetry-instrument command or by calling their methods directly.

Since every third party library or framework is different and has different instrumentation needs, more methods can be added to the child classes as needed to provide practical instrumentation to the end user.

property is_instrumented_by_opentelemetry
abstract instrumentation_dependencies()[source]

Return a list of python packages with versions that the will be instrumented.

The format should be the same as used in requirements.txt or pyproject.toml.

For example, if an instrumentation instruments requests 1.x, this method should look like: :rtype: Collection[str]

def instrumentation_dependencies(self) -> Collection[str]:

return [‘requests ~= 1.0’]

This will ensure that the instrumentation will only be used when the specified library is present in the environment.


Instrument the library

This method will be called without any optional arguments by the opentelemetry-instrument command.

This means that calling this method directly without passing any optional values should do the very same thing that the opentelemetry-instrument command does.


Uninstrument the library

See BaseInstrumentor.instrument for more information regarding the usage of kwargs.