OpenTelemetry asyncpg Instrumentation

Module contents

This library allows tracing PostgreSQL queries made by the asyncpg library.


import asyncpg
from opentelemetry.instrumentation.asyncpg import AsyncPGInstrumentor

# You can optionally pass a custom TracerProvider to AsyncPGInstrumentor.instrument()
conn = await asyncpg.connect(user='user', password='password',
                             database='database', host='')
values = await conn.fetch('''SELECT 42;''')


class opentelemetry.instrumentation.asyncpg.AsyncPGInstrumentor(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: BaseInstrumentor


Return a list of python packages with versions that the will be instrumented.

The format should be the same as used in requirements.txt or pyproject.toml.

For example, if an instrumentation instruments requests 1.x, this method should look like: :rtype: Collection[str]

def instrumentation_dependencies(self) -> Collection[str]:

return [‘requests ~= 1.0’]

This will ensure that the instrumentation will only be used when the specified library is present in the environment.