Complimentary instrumentation and vendor-specific packages for use with the Python OpenTelemetry client.

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Please note that this library is currently in _beta_, and shouldn’t generally be used in production environments.


There are several complimentary packages available on PyPI which can be installed separately via pip:

pip install opentelemetry-exporter-{exporter}
pip install opentelemetry-instrumentation-{instrumentation}
pip install opentelemetry-sdk-extension-{sdk-extension}

A complete list of packages can be found at the Contrib repo instrumentation and Contrib repo exporter directories.


Visit OpenTelemetry Registry to find a lot of related projects like exporters, instrumentation libraries, tracer implementations, resource, etc.

Installing Cutting Edge Packages

While the project is pre-1.0, there may be significant functionality that has not yet been released to PyPI. In that situation, you may want to install the packages directly from the repo. This can be done by cloning the repository and doing an editable install:

git clone
cd opentelemetry-python-contrib
pip install -e ./instrumentation/opentelemetry-instrumentation-flask
pip install -e ./instrumentation/opentelemetry-instrumentation-botocore
pip install -e ./sdk-extension/opentelemetry-sdk-extension-aws
pip install -e ./resource/opentelemetry-resource-detector-container

OpenTelemetry Instrumentations

OpenTelemetry Performance

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